3-D Right Angle Hacksaw

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Always Cut Right

The ARES 3-D Right Angle Hacksaw allows you to change the blade position so you can easily cut at 90, 180, and 270 Degrees, and with a unique arc shaped frame that can also be turned upside down or sideways, you can also work in harder to reach places. You'll also never have to worry about blades coming loose on the job thanks to an easy tensioning lock-nut that keeps them in position for safe, straight cuts. This tool has the versatility you need for jobs in awkward spots and odd locations.


  • Includes: 1 pc. Handle, 1 pc. arc frame, 1 pc. End cap, and 1 pc. blade
  • 90 degree, 180 degree, and 270 degree blade positions
  • Arc-shaped frame can be turned upside down or sideways for easier access to odd angles
  • Easy tensioning lock-nut keeps blades safely in position for straight cuts
  • Ergonomic handle grip
  • 12-inch blade
  • Blade made of flexible hi-carbon steel


What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I don't do many reviews, usually becuase I can't be bothered, but this Hacksaw is F-ing awesome. I had a very difficult project, that needed to be done while inside of a cupboard size space on Wood, PVC, and Copper. This saw is extremely adaptable, and because of that I was able to complete the project even with a few unforseen obstacles that any other saw configuration couldn't pull off (Such as sawing a Copper Pipe sideways though a 2" x 8" opening while avoiding the surrounding conduits, all right next to my face.) Good quality, super robust, and surprisingly solid for having a 4-part tension frame."

"I bought this hacksaw, and absolutely love it. I like the fact that it is reconfigurable, yet despite this very sturdy. I was concerned that I would over tighten the blade in this saw due to its modular design, but this isn't the case. I can take the tension up until the blade is really taut without issue or concern for damaging the saw."

"This tool is so awesome! Every machine repairman should own one."

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