Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor

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Powerful Suction Action for Easy Fluid Changes

The ARES Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor features a two-way design that allows for manual fluid suction with the included hand pump or pneumatic fluid extraction with your shop's air system. Thanks to a 10L reservoir with durable polypropylene construction and a non-sparking non-power design, you'll be able to safely remove used fluids from brake master cylinders, transaxles, power steering reservoirs, coolant reservoirs and more. With its automatic overflow prevention and quick-drain pouring spout, you'll also be able to prevent messes during use and avoid difficult cleanup afterward.


  • Includes: Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor System
  • Capacity: 10L (2.64 gallons)
  • Durable polypropylene construction
  • Suitable for manual use with included hand pump or pneumatic use with air system
  • Smooth, powerful suction action for easy fluid change
  • Non-sparking non-power design
  • Automatic overflow prevention
  • Quick-drain pouring spout for easy cleanup
  • Suitable for use with brake fluid, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, lubricants, water, and more
  • Ideal for removing used fluids fromATVs, Boats, Farm and Industrial Equipment, Vehicles, Motorcycles, Small Aircraft Engines, Snowmobiles, Watercrafts, and more.