15 Piece Spill-Free Coolant Refill Funnel Set

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No More Spills During Coolant Refills

The ARES Coolant Filling Kit includes everything you need to safely and conveniently refill automotive radiator and coolant systems without having to worry about spills that could lead to trapped air pockets and squeaky belts. This kit includes a 2-quart capacity clear funnel, letting you keep an eye on fluid levels during service, and an included stopper that controls flow and prevents troublesome air gaps. Thanks to the twist-lock and threaded cap adapters, this set will work for radiators and surge tanks on most imported and domestic cars and light trucks, while the airtight sealed extensions and 45-degree elbows will allow you to work confidently in hard-to-reach places, no matter what’s in the way.


  • Includes: 1 pc. Funnel with lid, 1 pc. fluid stopper, 1 pc. threaded cap adapter with gasket for GM, 1 pc. threaded cap adapter with gasket for Ford, 3 pc. Adapters with gasket, 3 pc. Sized caps, 1 pc. additional threaded cap, 1 pc. 5-inch straight extension, 2 pc. 45 degree elbows, and 1 pc. Self-storage lid
  • Small, medium, and large adapters and caps
  • Airtight sealed connections for spill-free operation
  • Prevent squeaky belts and trapped air pockets caused by spillage
  • Manual stopper helps control flow and prevent pressure build-up
  • Extension and elbows allow access to obstructed radiators and coolant reservoirs
  • Works with radiators and coolant reservoirs on most imported and domestic cars and light trucks
  • Store components within the funnel with included lid