2-Piece 15mm Bit Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Set

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Magnetize Bits and Fasteners in a Flash

This ARES Bit Magnetizer Set includes two 15mm bit magnetizers that can magnetize or demagnetize any 1/4-inch hex shank bit or drive tool. Made of powerful magnets and an aluminum housing with a red anodized finish for enhanced durability and visibility, these bit magnetizers are lightweight and compact enough to keep on hand. Quickly magnetize or demagnetize with a swipe or use these magnetizers as bit holders, they’ll even hold up to use with power drills. Either way, you’ll spend less time losing fasteners and bits on the job and be able to work more efficiently.


  • Includes: 2 pc. Bit Magnetizers
  • Size: 15mm
  • Use with: 1/4-inch hex shank bits, drive tools and small fasteners
  • Made of powerful magnets with aluminum housing
  • Red anodized aluminum finish for enhanced durability and visibility
  • Magnetize or demagnetize bits with a swipe
  • Suitable for use with power drills
  • Work more efficiently and prevent lost bits and fasteners