4 pc. Socket Adapter And Reducer Set

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Get The Most Out Of Your Sockets

The ARES 4 pc. Socket Adapter and Reducer Set allows you to use the socket sets you already have to make repairs that require other socket sizes, saving you the trouble and expense of having to buy new sets of tools. Made from high-strength, heat treated chrome vanadium with a corrosion-resistant nickel/chrome plated finish CRV, these adapters have spring-loaded detent balls to securely latch sockets and knurled bases to improve grip during repairs. This adapter and reducer set is perfect for industrial, mechanic, or construction work, but whatever the job, you can trust ARES to help you get it done.


  • Includes: 2 pc. reducers and 2 pc. adapters
  • 3/8 in. drive (F) to 1/4 in. drive (M) reducer
  • 1/2 in. drive (F) to 3/8 in. drive (M) reducer
  • 1/4 in. drive (F) to 3/8 in. drive (M) adapter
  • 3/8 in. drive (F) to 1/2 in. drive (M) adapter
  • Constructed of high-strength, heat treated chrome vanadium
  • Corrosion-resistant nickel/chrome plated finish CRV
  • Spring-loaded detent balls securely latch sockets
  • Knurled base improves grip during repairs
  • Adapters meet & exceed ANSI/ASME standards


What Our Customers Are Saying:

"These adapters are absolutely amazing! For a fraction of the price but definitely up there with their competitors. I have been using them every day since I received them last week. Very great quality and product! Cannot wait until ARES releases more tools to the public!"

"We have an auto repair shop so at this price, we definitely wanted to give these a try. The first thing my husband noticed was that they were made in Taiwan. His initial thoughts are that they're solidly built. And the sizes are ones that he uses daily. He said at this price, he would definitely buy them again, but he's interested in seeing their lifespan. For the average person to have these at home, it's a no-brainer. At this price, grab them. For the professional, at this price grab them, with the understanding that time will tell. Even if they happen to fail after 12 months, it was a good investment."

"Excellent quality. Feels like any name brand high dollar (snap on, craftsman) sockets. Can't beat the price. Good to have in the toolbox."