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Fuel & Air Conditioning Line Disconnect Tool

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Easier Fuel Filter Replacement

The ARES Fuel & Air Conditioning Line Disconnect Tool makes fuel filter replacement easy. Quick disconnect coupler fittings have a locking mechanism inside the outer housing that goes over the lip of the fuel filter. This tool gets under that locking mechanism and releases the inner lip. You need this disconnect tool to release the locking mechanism on 3/8 in. and 5/16 in. fuel lines.


  • Includes: 1 pc. scissor fuel line disconnect tool
  • One end used for 3/8 in. fuel lines
  • One end used for 5/16 in. fuel lines
  • Separates quick disconnect style fittings
  • Relieve the pressure in the fuel line before disconnecting it.
  • Remember to pull on the line after the spring (locking mechanism) has been released.
  • Releases the fuel line locking mechanism on 1989 and newer GM, 1990 and newer Ford, and some 1990 and newer Mazda Vehicles
  • Note: Some Fords have "Blue Clips" (picture in this listing) which can be released with a screwdriver. For the other side of the Ford fuel filter you will need this tool.


What Our Customers Are Saying:

"With summer and warm weather fast approaching I had the opportunity to test this tool out on my brother-in-law's older model pickup. His air conditioning wasn't working so he brought it up to my shop. Finding it was a hose on his AC I was quickly able to disconnect the hose using this tool and replace it. Quite frankly it would have been a pain without having the proper tool for the job. No more trying to do this job with a pliers and screwdriver."

"Quality tool. Solidly built and easy to use. I had no issues with it whatsoever. My father-in-law who works as an HVAC constructor and finds its helpful as well."

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