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Quick and Easy Cooling System Leak Tests and Refills

This ARES Cooling System Refill Kit includes everything you need to quickly and easily test for leaks in your vehicle's cooling system and refill the coolant, so you can keep your car running smoothly. Thanks to its comprehensive set of adapters, our set is compatible with nearly every vehicle on the market, so whether you're a diy-er or a professional, this kit has you covered.

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  • Includes: Apparatus for performing leakage tests and coolant refills, Clear hose, 1pc. tapered universal cone adapter, and 3pc. bushings
  • Universal cone adapter and bushings fit nearly all types of radiator and coolant bottle openings
  • Clear hose for enhanced visibility during use
  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Muffler quiets system during use
  • Easily connects to air supply
  • Designed to purge trapped air from cooling system, test for leaks, and refill coolant