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ARES 18071 - 1L Brake Bleeding Fluid Reservoir Bottle with Check Valve

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Convenient and Clean Brake Fluid Collection

The ARES 1L Brake Bleeding Fluid Reservoir bottle makes it easier and cleaner to drain old brake fluid. This reservoir bottle features a convenient hanging hook and chain and a rubber connector that fits over most bleeder screws. With an integrated check valve to prevent fluid and air backflow and a secure cap that helps prevent spills, you can worry less about messes and focus on collecting old brake fluid safely. Whether you're working on disc or drum brakes, this reservoir will safely collect the old fluid for easy disposal.


  • Includes 1 pc. Brake Bleed Reservoir Bottle With Check Valve
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Includes catch bottle, chain lanyard, and clear hose with brake nipple attachment
  • Catch bottle has integrated check valve to prevent fluid and air backflow
  • Attached chain lanyard allows bottle to hang from vehicle when bleeding brakes
  • Designed for use with disc or drum brakes
  • Bottle’s rubber connector fits most bleeders screws
  • Can be used alone or with any of our ARES Brake Bleeder systems

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