2-Piece Spring Loaded Auto Adjusting Crowfoot Wrench Set

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Wide Wrench Sizing Coverage with One Handy Set

The ARES Auto Adjusting Crowfoot Wrench Set is the perfect solution to your search for the right tool in the middle of the job. With enough coverage to replace wrenches ranging from 8 to 32mm (5/16-inch to 1 1/4-inch), you can tackle dozens of different jobs with this single tool. The spring loaded adjusting design automatically adjusts to the right size, saving you time and money on the job. The body and jaws’ manganese phosphate and chrome plated finishes provide your tools with increased durability and protection against wear, tear, rust, and corrosion, so you can trust it to last. The wrench heads also feature a serrated toothed design, preventing slippage and making your work even easier, and thanks to their male and female square drive ends, you can use these wrenches with a wide variety of ratchets and extensions for added leverage and control.


  • Includes: 1 pc. 3/8-Inch Drive and 1 pc. 1/2-Inch drive Auto adjusting crowfoot wrench
  • 3/8-inch drive wrench features 8 to 17mm (5/16-inch to 11/16-inch) coverage
  • 1/2-inch drive wrench features 14 to 32mm (9/16-inch to 1 ¼-inch) coverage
  • Spring loaded jaw design automatically (more...)