21-Piece Deluxe Ball Joint Press Kit

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Superior Coverage for Ball Joint Service Projects

The ARES Intermediate Ball Joint Press Kit provides universal and specialty adapters for comprehensive vehicle coverage for ball joint, U-joint, and brake anchor pin maintenance. Designed for use with both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive cars, SUVs, and light- to medium-duty trucks, this kit allows you to easily maneuver around the obstructions found in many common makes and models, making it simpler to replace worn ball joints than with other ball joint tools. Our set is a time-saver for any technician who regularly services various vehicles: with 23 universal and specialty adapters and a heavy-duty I-beam design forged steel C-clamp press, you’ll have the tool for whatever rolls into the shop.


  • Includes: 19 pc. Universal and specialty service adapters, 1 pc. C-clamp frame, 1 pc. pressing screw rod
  • Suitable for use with 2WD and 4WD vehicles
  • Removes ball joints, U-joints, and brake anchor pins
  • Heavy-duty I-beam forged steel C-clamp press provides increased durability
  • Designed to maneuver around obstructions on common make and models’ suspensions
  • Adapters compatible with common GM, Ford, Dodge, and Chrysler models
  • See manual for adapter details
  • Premium red and gray storage case with metal locking buckles