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3-Piece Fiberglass Handle Double Faced Soft Mallet Set

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Softened Strikes for Delicate Materials

The ARES Fiberglass Handle Double Faced Mallet Set includes one mallet with a 12-ounce double faced head and two white rubber headed mallets with 16-ounce and 32-ounce double faced heads, each non-marring and with an ergonomic fiberglass handle. The non-marring rubber heads of these mallets deliver softened strikes to surfaces, such as woods, metals, and other delicate surfaces, without inflicting damage. The high-quality, double-injected fiberglass handles help absorb vibrations, and the soft-textured, nonslip rubber grips integrated into the handles provide superior control and comfort. With a variety of head weights suitable for work of any size, this mallet set is ideal for woodworking and metalworking, construction and automotive projects, electrical and HVAC applications, and more.


  • Includes: 3 pc. Fiberglass handle double faced mallets
  • Mallets features double-faced non-marring head
  • Capped double faced mallet head weight: 12-ounce
  • White rubber mallet head weights: 16-ounce and 32-ounce
  • Deliver softened strikes to woods, metals, and other delicate materials
  • High-quality, double-injected fiberglass handles help absorb vibrations
  • Soft-textured, nonslip rubber grips integrated into handles for superior control and comfort
  • Ideal for wood working, metal working, construction, automotive, electrical, HVAC applications, and more

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