4-Piece Magnetic Shelf Set

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Organize Your Workspace

The ARES 4-Piece Magnetic Shelf Set uses super strong magnets that will tools, parts, and equipment while staying securely mounted on any ferrous metal surface you choose. With a 6-Inch shelf, a 12-Inch shelf, a 3-can aerosol holder, and a paper towel holder, you'll be able to keep your workspace organized and stay ready on the job. Each piece's magnets have a soft, rubberized covering so you can use it safely and prevent damage to your finished surfaces. Whether you're keeping them on your wall, on your toolbox, or even on a workbench, this set of storage shelves will stay exactly where you put them.


  • Includes: 1 pc. 6-inch tray, 1 pc. 12-inch tray, 1 pc. Aerosol holder, and 1 pc. Paper towel holder
  • 6-Inch tray measures 6.25 x 4.65 x 4.75 inches
  • 12-Inch tray measures 12.25 x 4.65 x 4.75 inches
  • Aerosol holder measures 4.25 x 11.75 x 5 inches
  • Paper towel holder pieces each measure 4 x 5 x 3.75 inches
  • Powerful magnets hold tools, parts, and equipment firmly in place
  • Soft, rubberized magnet coverings prevent damage to finished surfaces
  • Works with any ferrous metal surface
  • 6-Inch tray is great for keeping the tools close by on the job
  • 12-Inch tray can be used for long-term storage of your most frequently used tools
  • 3-Can Aerosol holder can also serve as a screwdriver organizer with seven designated screwdriver slots
  • Paper towel holder can be adjusted to fit the length of any paper towel roll and stays firmly on the wall while you tear off sheets