8-Piece Plastic Brake Gauge Tool Set

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Easy To Read Color Coding For Brake Pad Checks

The ARES 8-Piece Brake Gauge Tool Set features a simple color-coded system to help identify if any vehicle has sufficient brake lining or if the brake pads or shoes need to changed. The durable, plastic injection constructed green, yellow, and red gauge tools feature stamped metric and SAE sizings in their matte finish surfaces and are held together by a heavy-duty rivet, so you'll always have the complete set in one place when you need it. With gauge widths ranging from 2mm (0.0787 inches) to 12mm (0.4724 inches), this set will help keep your brakes in shape at every stage.


  • Includes: 8 pc. Brake gauge tools
  • Sizes: 2mm (0.0787 inches), 3mm (0.1181 inches), 4mm (0.1575 inches), 5mm (0.1969 inches), 6mm (0.2362 inches), 8mm (0.3150 inches), 10mm (0.3937 inches), and 12mm (0.4724 inches)
  • Plastic injection construction with matte finish
  • Stamped metric and SAE sizings on each gauge
  • Held together a heavy duty rivet, so you'll always have them together in one place
  • Color coded for easy readings
  • Green means brakes are sufficiently lined
  • Yellow means service may be required
  • Red means brake pads or shoes should be changed immediately
  • For use with any vehicle, including light cars and trucks and heavy duty transportation vehicles