Heavy Duty Brake Pad Spreader

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Easily Compress Your Inner Brake Pads 

The ARES Heavy Duty Brake Pad Spreader makes it easy to correctly ensure that your car is safe and your brakes are well-maintained. Made of heavy duty steel, this tool is twice as durable as standard brake pad spreaders and ergonomically designed to reduce hand stress and fatigue with a built-in oversized comfort knob for hand use. It can also be used with 5/16-inch socket adapters for optimal efficiency. This tool also features a solid steel swivel tip for precise and even compression, so you can count on it to get the job done right every time.


  • Includes: 1pc. heavy duty pad spreader
  • Made of heavy duty steel
  • Solid swivel joint at tip
  • Ergonomic oversized knob for easy hand use
  • Compatible with 5/16" socket adapters
  • Compatible with domestic cars and light trucks