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Precision Oiler Pen Applicator

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Get Your Life Running Smoothly

The ARES Precision Oiler Pen Applicator helps you precisely apply CLP, Ballistol, and other lubricants in tight places. Whether you're cleaning and oiling a firearm, brake pedal pivots, foot speed controls pivot points, door hinges, sewing machines, bike derailers, knife hinges, spinner wheels, or even pianos, you can apply small drops of oil with just the click of a button where you want it and nowhere else.


  • Protective screw-on cover
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Constructed of machined aluminum
  • 15ml reservoir
  • Replaceable O-Rings provide tight seal on lubricants
  • Simply push a button to release brass plug and let go to stop oil flow
  • Unscrew the top every ten drops or so to enable the oil to continue flowing freely through it.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

"Pen oiler has a rubber gasket to keep 3-in-1 oil stored within for as long as you need. This oiler is great for those small hinges on doors, gun parts and anything you don't want dripping oil 10 minutes after application."

"So easy, even the 'Tin Man' can use it!"

"I got the Precision Oiler Pen from ARES specifically for oiling squeaky hinges. Considering that it is inexpensive I was not expecting too much, but this is truly an impressive product. The oiler pen is very well-constructed and has a solid, sturdy feel. The craftsmanship is top notch. I have not had a single issue with leaks. This definitely exceeded expectations and deserves my recommendation."

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