Universal Master Cylinder Adapter

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Quick and Easy Brake Fluid Changes on a Wide Variety of Vehicles

This ARES Universal Master Cylinder Adapter is designed to work with our ARES 70921, 18051, and 18053 Brake Fluid Bleeders, so you can easily remove and refill fluid into your entire brake system on your own. Thanks to its unique rubber cone and adjustable wing design, this adapter is compatible with any master cylinder with an opening between 1 inch and 2.76 inches in diameter, taking the guesswork out of finding the right adapter for many vehicles. The wings adjust both horizontally and vertically to help ensure a secure fit on the bottleneck and help the rubber cone maintain pressure up to 50 psi. Thanks to the 90-degree rotating coupler, you'll be able to work easily in tight spaces without having to worry about kinking hoses.


  • Includes 1 pc. Universal Master Cylinder Adapter
  • Minimum Interior Diameter: 1 Inch
  • Maximum Interior Diameter: 2.76 Inches
  • Minimum Wing Width: 4.5 Inches
  • Maximum Wing Width: 7.1 Inches
  • Maximum Distance Between Wings and Cone: 0.56 Inches
  • Minimum Overall Height: 3.54 Inches
  • Maximum Overall Height: 3.78 Inches
  • Holds pressure up to 50 psi
  • Adjustable wings move vertically and horizontally for secure fit
  • 90-degree coupler rotates 360 degrees for enhanced access
  • Cone made of EPDM rubber to resist corrosion from brake fluid
  • Works on disc or drum brake systems
  • Designed for use exclusively with ARES 70921 - 2L Manual Brake Fluid Bleeder, ARES 18051 - 4L Brake Fluid Bleeder, and ARES 18053 - 4L Brake Fluid Bleeder with Reservoir Bottle